One of A Kind
  1. Hikarikata
  2. Komisen

  1. Watari Ago
  2. Wanagi Komi
  3. Jyuji
  4. Ari
  5. Shiribasami
  6. Ari Hozu
  7. Ari Gata Oire

Jennifer Yoko Olson for Base 10
  1. Haniwa Chair
  2. EKM Bench
  3. UKB Chair

Collection 01
  1. Mantel Shelf
  2. Samos Lounge Chair
  3. Samos Dining Chair

Base 10 —
  1. Located in Los Angeles, Base 10 is a small furniture studio by artists Lindsey Muscato & Joshua Friedman creating works with a focus on joinery and solid wood. 


3. UKB Chair

by Jennifer Yoko Olson for Base 10

UKB Chair
Offered in ash, maple, black patination
and custom wood species
21.5 x 28.5 x 20 in

Designed by Jennifer Yoko Olson for Base 10, the UKB chair brings traditional Japanese craftsmanship to a relaxed and refined contemporary lifestyle.

The minimalist silhouette and precise alignments are made possible only through the intricacy of hand-cut joinery. The broad radius and clean lines pay homage to Streamline architecture and the sweeping horizontal landscapes of LA, the home of Base 10 Furniture.