“Kodama” : is an ongoing body of work by Lindsey Muscato and Joshua Friedman comprising of unique large-scale furniture, constructed of salvaged timber using the techniques and hand-tools of traditional Japanese wood joinery and timber-framing.

The pieces, removed from their architectural context, present as monolithic compositions. Distillations of joinery details that explore the craft of, and reverence for, both material and process.

With sculptural abstractions of seating, tables, and consoles, the finished works in “Kodama” are hand-cut, sawn, chiseled, joined, and blackened using a combination of natural alchemical patination and yakisugi (or shou sugi ban) — the darkening and sealing of wood by torching.

Muscato and Friedman debuted the first of these works in 2019 at the INTRO / LA exhibition by Small Office. Following that debut was a solo exhibition at Marta, a gallery focusing on craft and design in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles.

Please inquire for availabilty, and made to order works inspired by this ongoing series.